You don't need to maintain and update your SharePoint servers, let us do this for you. Arfitect has maintained more than 60 SharePoint 2013 & 2016 & 2019 servers. Get us contact for free health check!

  • Manage and Update SharePoint Environments
  • SharePoint Applications Bug Fixing
  • Monitoring and Log Keeping
  • Quick responses to tickets
  • Level1, Level2 Supports, Level3 Supports
  • Ticket management
  • Moving to SharePoint Online?

    There are several tools and methods you can use: what is best for you and your organization depends on a number of factors.

  • What is the size and amount of the content you need to move?
  • Where does it currently reside?

  • Taking the time to plan your migration, including taking an inventory and assessment of your data, is key to a successful migration. We can plan this process together and ensure that you continue your work with the least loss and maximum benefit.

    We can help your team to have different level expertise in SharePoint. Here are the different trainings for different roles:

    • SharePoint Administrators Training
  • Who should have this training?
    • If you are responsible for your company's SharePoint Applications.

    • SharePoint Development and Design Support
  • Who should have this training?
    • If you are planning to develop solutions on SharePoint.

    • Power User Training and Support
  • Who should have this training?
    • If you want to use SharePoint in most useful way.